What To Text A Girl You Just Met Examples (Use These)

What To Text A Girl You Just Met Examples – Steal These

What up player, today we have a massive treat for you. We’ve finally updated our article ‘What to text a girl you just met examples’ with a range of new and updated messages which you can use right now for success. We’re also going to give you a massive free bonus at the end to skyrocket your results instantly.

what to text a girl you just met examples

Texting A Girl For The First Time

Texting a girl for the first time can be intimidating. However, the following texts have been field testing on hundreds of women and have given us amazing results

Try these messages as you acquire more numbers and i’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

Also bare in mind that the reasons these texts work so effectively is because they are   certain principles embedded in each message that appeal to the woman’s psychology.

If you want to know more about these principles check out our other article on  how to text a woman you just met. This will give you a full in depth breakdown on texting and female psychology in general.

I’ll do as much as I can to provide some context to the following messages as we go through them. This should hopefully give you a better understanding of the when and why these texts are used.

The first half of messages will be  from my own personal experience. The second will be from my friend Justin. Both of us have different styles of texting and have been very successful with women using our own messaging system. Hopefully, by seeing the two styles, you can take from each of us and apply it to your own game.

With that said let’s jump straight in.

what to text a girl to start a conversation

What To Text A Girl You Just Met Examples 1- 5

Use these texts for women you’ve just met. Pick one message that applies to your situation and send it!

Example 1: Australian beer loving girl

This first example is from a girl i met at a carnival during the summer. She was constantly drinking beer throughout the day and had an amazing sense of humour.

“Hey beer gal, great meeting you earlier. Hope you got home in one piece”

A nice text that breaks the ice, wishes her well and even gives her a nick name. She had a great sense of humor so i knew she’d appreciate a message like this.

Example 2: Serious lawyer girl

This next example is from a girl I met at a dinner party. She was very well mannered lady and had a strict upbringing. Her sense of humor was a bit of a downer to be honest.  Turns out shes a lawyer and law runs in her family. No surprise there I guess 😉

“Hey lucy, thanks for the great night. I now have a much deeper understanding of law.”

A safe text to be honest. i know she was not the most laid back woman, so decided to play it kool.

Example 3: Italian Tourist

I met this girl when she was on holiday. She was very fond of coffee and kept boasting on how Italy makes the best coffee in the world.

Hey Christina, you ever try a chai latte? It’s so delicious…..better than Italian coffee :)”

This text is friendly, relatable and has a similar vibe to when we first met.

Example 4: Horny girl at club

Met this girl in a nightclub. She was extremely sexual. Deep eye contact, loads of touching, you know the type.

“Hey Sexy, great night. Would have been even better if you came home with me though 😉 .”

I don’t usually send over sexual texts like this, but i know this type of gal can handle a message like this. Hell, it beats the boring messages most guys send out, right?

Example 5 : Super market Asian girl

Met this girl during my weekly shop. She was cool and very neutral to be honest. Not overly excited but not under excited either.

“Laura, it was random but really nice meeting you earlier.”

I didn’t get enough information on the girl, so i couldn’t make it to personal. I decided to play it safe. it worked like a treat.

what to text a girl you just met examples 1-5

What To Text A Girl You Just Met Examples 1- 6

Justin here. Paul’s texts work amazingly as he tends to picks up women during the day and night. Probably more during the day to be honest.  Me on the other hand, I do mainly club game so our styles are slightly different.

Example 6: Russian tourist

Met this hottie on the way to the club during the weekend. Tall, blonde and super hot.

Hey “Me and you need to hook up before you head back to Moscow.”

Very direct message. She was leaving in two days, so i had to put the pressure on.

Example 7:  Mature lady in her 40’s

Met this hot Mamma at an 80’s disco night. Always had a thing for older women.

Milf…. 🙂

Yep, that’s all i texted her. She was very open and had a cheeky personality, so i got away with it. A more serious woman would  probably be offended.

Example 8: University student

I met this girl at university. She was heading to the library to study. Chatted her up and got the number. She was hot.

“Sarah, you still in the library? If not, lets grab something to eat.”

I knew she would need a break sooner or later, so I thought it would be in her best interest to have lunch with me 🙂

Example 9 University student 2

This next girl i met in the park as she was studying for her exams.  She was tall, brunette and had some amazing legs

“Hey, great meeting you earlier. Hope you’re still not in the park.”

I knew she’d be in the park for a while, so i thought id check in on her whilst she was isolated and bored reading books. Worked like a charm

Example 10: Crazy Party girl

This crazy woman i met in a club as I was leaving. She was a right handful. Loud, super flirtatious and was drinking more than she probably should have. Texted her the following day with this.

“Hey sexy girl, come join me for a drink this evening. I promise it will be a night you’ll never forget.”

Ended hooking up with her the following evening. It was a nice i won’t forget any time soon.

There you have it guys. What to text a girl you just met examples in a nutshell.

Even though me and Justin have different types of game and personality, I hope you got a good idea of what to text girls you’ve just met going forward. Again free to steal these examples and use these messages for your own personal life.

what to text a girl to make her smile

What To Text A Girl You Just Met Examples – BONUS!!

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how to text a girl you just met system

Have a good one players


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